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We're Naturally Curious.

BumbleApps are a project of Judith and Christine Bush in Mountain View, California. Born of our common interest in using mobile technology to share our curiosity about the natural world, we're developing apps that we hope will inform, delight and engage you with select flora and fauna in which we've taken an interest.

Judith is an amateur naturalist and student of California flora who has worked in technology over the last 14 years to make information more accessible. She has a Master's degree in nuclear physics from the University of Pennsylvania. She documents her regular excursions into the vast geography of the California landscape as a way of understanding the flora, fauna and geology of the world around her. Her photos reveal the form and function of her subjects while exposing the natural beauty of their context. Judith is a Friend of the Jepson Herbarium and an active member of the Palo Alto Friends Meeting (Quakers). She is co-founder and principal researcher for BumbleApps.

Christine is an amateur artist and independent hybrid app developer with training in geospatial technology, illustration, historiography, and music. She has 17 years of experience as a freelance web developer, a GIS Analyst certification from Foothill College, and a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College. She studied philosophy at NC State University, completed a semester of foundation and photography studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and pursued graduate studies in the departments of Geography and History at San Jose State University. Her current projects include cartography, establishing an archive of her late father's extensive writings as a North Carolina minister, visual art studies, and multimedia sound collage. She is co-founder and principal developer for BumbleApps.

What We're Buzzed About Just Now...

Lupines! Our initial focus has been on the development of a free phone app for iOS and Android that will introduce you to Lupinus, the colorful spikes of pea flowers prized in song and story (thanks, in part, to Monty Python.) But lupines aren't just found on YouTube: twenty-eight varieties call the Bay Area home.

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We strive to release our work under open licenses whenever possible. However, most content found on is Copyright © 2014 Judith & Christine Bush, BumbleAppsTM, unless otherwise indicated.